A little about me

Currently a UX/UI designer at Paramount based in London. Product design has always played a part in my life, although I first started out as an industrial product designer. Ive enjoyed building Apps & Websites for friends, family, large brands and start ups. Recently launched the Good Days Studio

Outside of designing I enjoy mentoring and helping young creatives who dream of roles that allow them to express their talents. I teach and mentor for Love Circular and Black Girls in tech.

My CURIOSITY to always consider ways of improving things has always been one of my whys. in design teams i see myself as a team player either happy to lead an entire process or just play a small role in achieving a larger goal for a business.

theres alot more to me but ill save that for when we speak -
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Kadara Jewels

Demi-fine | Hand-finished | 9ct Solid Gold | 925 Silver | 18ct Gold Vermeil | 14ct Gold Plated | Inspired by Nigeria, born in London ✨

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100% natural plant-based ingredients. We work hard to bring top quality products that are tried and tested, without any chemicals, parabens or sulphates.

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Love Circular

Turn your career around and become a product designerGo from beginner to job-ready with our self-paced design courses led by industry designers.

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Love Hate FM

The Home of Good Vibes

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The Rated Podcast

A weekly music and pop culture podcast between two old friends @ollyvade and @carlcnn.

Tune in every Wednesday @theratedpodcast

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