A little about me

London-based UX/UI designer and Webflow developer with 5+ years of experience designing. Worked with a diverse range of clients, from young startups to well-established companies.I specialise in creating beautiful, clean and high-converting user experiences for web and mobile in Webflow & Figma.

Enjoy working end to end, from user research to design implementation and analytics, or I can slot into a team and focus on solving design problems.

Continuously learning skills on building applications using no-code in Webflow (e.g. marketplaces, community platforms, gated content etc.).

Experience working in a diverse range of industries, from SaaS to Entertainment, making me incredibly versatile and has given me the ability to solve a wide range of design problems.

Outside of designing, I enjoy mentoring and helping young creatives who dream of roles that allow them to express their talents. I teach and mentor for Love Circular and Black Girls in tech. If you'd like to work with me or learn more about me, drop a message and say hello.

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