Project Overview

Kadara Jewels project was an end to end design project that included branding and complete store development on Shopify. With the aim of reaching a global audience, working with the client was able to bring the luxury jewellery brand to life utilising elegant visuals and well placed elements to build trust and understanding of the business. Project began in Webflow but was converted to Shopify.


Shopify eCommerce
UI & UX Design
Responsive Design
Custom Development
Conversion Optimisation

The challenge

Building a luxury jewellery brand for the modern women

Early discussions with the client helped me to understand the industry more and summarise the problems the industry faced. One key focus for Kadara, was on average several demi-fine jewellery brands display a lack of diversity in branding, product creation, and overall storytelling. This leads to a neglect of a large range of consumers willing to purchase such jewellery, but do not see themselves represented so are not as easily drawn. However the answer to this was not to just create a brand that featured black faces it was to develop a brand and business that appealed to a generation of women interested in investing in long lasting jewellery that was sustainable, pocket friendly and more.

Examining the competition

Before beginning to ideate how the website would look and function, I took some time to understand the current state of the market, in regards to ecommerce websites. Spent time analysing the competitors to get an understanding of what was going right and wrong. A simple UX audit was carried out in order to identify problems.

Ideation & Wireframing

At this stage it was important to begin to discuss feasibility, one of the key challenges to this project was selecting the right platform to build the product on. During the wire framing and ideation phase I came up withe several styles and ideas to help the brand stand out amongst competitors and be perceived as luxurious.

Shopify retail with a unique flavour

The Shopify platform was chosen for its ease of use and reliability,  plus pre existing flexible tools that allowed us to add extra functionality when the default features weren't up to par. I developed custom sections of the site to allow the clients vision to be clearer at instilling luxury and a focus on the products was important.

Eye catching from the start

Learnings from competitors as well as ecommerce best practices were vital in creating a user friendly and impactful solution. From the logo created down to the sites typography. In addition tools such as hotter were vital in improving the product continously as we could better understand the exact Kadara Jewels shopper and their behaviours.